Top 0.2% – The Ranker Slays Bowl Picks

The Ranker’s entry in ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania pick’em competition (using confidence points) scores better than 99.8% of all entries!

The picks were based solely off of the team ratings from The higher the rating difference, the higher the confidence points assigned to that matchup.

Pretty impressive, given all of the intangibles at play in bowl games. My entry is ranked 695 out of 300,000+ total entries. Screenshot of my score:

The Ranker’s Bowl Game Picks

Bowl Game Picks Against the Spread (ATS)

(Odds from, as of 12/12/17)

Picks based on overall team ratings

Bowl Matchup Pick
North Texas vs Troy Troy  -6.5
Georgia State vs W Kentucky Georgia State  +6.5
Boise State vs Oregon Boise State  +7.5
Marshall vs Colorado St Marshall  +5.5
Middle Tenn vs Arkansas St Arkansas St  -3.5
Akron vs Fla Atlantic Akron  +22.5
LA Tech vs S Methodist LA Tech  +5
Temple vs Florida Intl Florida Intl  +7
UAB vs Ohio Ohio  -7.5
Central Mich vs Wyoming Central Mich  0
Texas Tech vs S Florida S Florida  -2.5
San Diego St vs Army Army  +7
App State vs Toledo App State  +7.5
Houston vs Fresno St Fresno St  +2.5
Utah vs W Virginia W Virginia  +7
Duke vs N Illinois N Illinois  +4.5
Kansas St vs UCLA UCLA  +2.5
S Mississippi vs Florida St S Mississippi  +15.5
Iowa vs Boston Col Iowa  -3
Arizona vs Purdue Purdue  +3.5
Texas vs Missouri Texas  +3
Virginia vs Navy Navy  -3.5
VA Tech vs Oklahoma St VA Tech  +4.5
Stanford vs TX Christian Stanford  +2.5
Wash State vs Michigan St Michigan St  +2.5
Wake Forest vs Texas A&M Wake Forest  -3
NC State vs Arizona St Arizona St  +6
Kentucky vs Northwestern Northwestern  -7
Utah State vs N Mex State Utah State  -4
USC vs Ohio State Ohio State  -7.5
Louisville vs Miss State Miss State  +6.5
Iowa State vs Memphis Iowa State  +3.5
Washington vs Penn State Penn State  -2
Wisconsin vs Miami (FL) Wisconsin  -6.5
Michigan vs S Carolina Michigan  -7.5
Central FL vs Auburn Central FL  +9.5
Notre Dame vs LSU Notre Dame  +3
Georgia vs Oklahoma Georgia  -2
Alabama vs Clemson Alabama  -2.5



College Football Top 10 Offensive Teams – Week 11

Overall team ratings and team statistical ratings for all teams are on the team ratings page.

Here are the Top 10 teams for each offensive category.  Ratings are adjusted to account for opponent strength.

Top 10 Teams in 3 out of 4 of the categories:

  • Alabama
  • Notre Dame
Rank Rushing Passing TO Scoring
1 Georgia Tech Oklahoma Arizona St. Oklahoma
2 Notre Dame Washington St. Wake Forest Ohio St.
3 Army West Point Oklahoma State Tulane Oklahoma State
4 Air Force New Mexico St. Toledo Notre Dame
5 Navy Louisville Boise State Penn St.
6 Arizona Mississippi San Diego State Arizona
7 Mississippi St. Western Ky. Hawaii Florida Atlantic
8 Georgia UCLA TCU Alabama
9 Florida Atlantic West Virginia Notre Dame UCF
10 Alabama Ohio St. Alabama Georgia