The Ranker’s Bowl Game Picks

Bowl Game Picks Against the Spread (ATS)

(Odds from, as of 12/12/17)

Picks based on overall team ratings

Bowl Matchup Pick
North Texas vs Troy Troy  -6.5
Georgia State vs W Kentucky Georgia State  +6.5
Boise State vs Oregon Boise State  +7.5
Marshall vs Colorado St Marshall  +5.5
Middle Tenn vs Arkansas St Arkansas St  -3.5
Akron vs Fla Atlantic Akron  +22.5
LA Tech vs S Methodist LA Tech  +5
Temple vs Florida Intl Florida Intl  +7
UAB vs Ohio Ohio  -7.5
Central Mich vs Wyoming Central Mich  0
Texas Tech vs S Florida S Florida  -2.5
San Diego St vs Army Army  +7
App State vs Toledo App State  +7.5
Houston vs Fresno St Fresno St  +2.5
Utah vs W Virginia W Virginia  +7
Duke vs N Illinois N Illinois  +4.5
Kansas St vs UCLA UCLA  +2.5
S Mississippi vs Florida St S Mississippi  +15.5
Iowa vs Boston Col Iowa  -3
Arizona vs Purdue Purdue  +3.5
Texas vs Missouri Texas  +3
Virginia vs Navy Navy  -3.5
VA Tech vs Oklahoma St VA Tech  +4.5
Stanford vs TX Christian Stanford  +2.5
Wash State vs Michigan St Michigan St  +2.5
Wake Forest vs Texas A&M Wake Forest  -3
NC State vs Arizona St Arizona St  +6
Kentucky vs Northwestern Northwestern  -7
Utah State vs N Mex State Utah State  -4
USC vs Ohio State Ohio State  -7.5
Louisville vs Miss State Miss State  +6.5
Iowa State vs Memphis Iowa State  +3.5
Washington vs Penn State Penn State  -2
Wisconsin vs Miami (FL) Wisconsin  -6.5
Michigan vs S Carolina Michigan  -7.5
Central FL vs Auburn Central FL  +9.5
Notre Dame vs LSU Notre Dame  +3
Georgia vs Oklahoma Georgia  -2
Alabama vs Clemson Alabama  -2.5



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