The Rose Bowl

As I said in Committee Thoughts Georgia will win this one by 3 points in a pretty high scoring game. I think if Oklahoma wins this game they will lose in the championship no matter who they play they will lose. I’m not saying that Oklahoma doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs I’m saying their defense is just not good en of for a championship game. But at the same time it seems like Oklahoma is the only team that is elite on any side of the ball and by that I mean Oklahoma is the only team with an elite offense and no team really has an elite defense. Now there are great defenses out there like Georgia,Clemson, Alabama, Michigan St., NC.St., LSU, Washington, Stanford,Penn St., and Auburn of course all of those teams have great defenses.

Oklahoma though well they’re defense is a different story they just allow to many points and like they say defense wins championships and offense wins games there’s a difference. An offense will win in the Big 12 and a defense will win other games and Oklahoma doesn’t quite have that great defense that they need to win a championship game like Alabama,Clemson,and Georgia do. If I rate all the defenses in the playoffs on the scale of 1 to 10 (1 means they got a terrible defense and ten means they got an elite defense)  I give Clemson an 8, Oklahoma a 5, Georgia a 9, and Alabama an 8.

So I think Georgia wins because of that great defense that they have and a good en of offense to keep scoring with Sony Michelle,Nick Chub,and Jake Fromm. But Oklahoma will keep it close because of that amazing offense they have. So my answer from Committee Thoughts will stay the same Georgia will win 45-42.

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