Committee Thoughts

I like some of the decisions the committee made this week. I especially like the bowl games they made the Sugar Bowl No. 1 Clemson vs No. 4 Alabama,the Rose Bowl No. 3 Georgia vs No. 2 Oklahoma,the Cotton Bowl No. 8 USC vs No. 5 Ohio St.,the Fiesta Bowl No. 11 Washington vs No. 9 Penn St.,the Orange Bowl No. 6 Wisconsin vs No. 10 Miami (FL),and the Peach Bowl No. 7 Auburn vs No. 12 UCF.

I think Alabama in the playoff was the right decision instead of the two loss team Ohio St.,because Ohio St. has two 15 plus losses against Oklahoma 31-16 and lost to 7-5 Iowa 55-24. Though they had great wins against Penn St. 39-38,Michigan St. 48-3,and Wisconsin 27-21 it wasn’t en-of to get them in the playoffs. I think the main three reasons are  1. having two 15 plus losses 2. losing to a 7-5 team (Iowa) by 31 points 3. Plus just their performance sometimes like the first three quarters against Penn St.,the first quarter against Michigan,and the whole game against Iowa.

Now I’m gonna make some quick predictions on the New Years Six Bowl Games. The Sugar bowl Alabama vs Clemson I say Alabama wins 27-24,The Rose Bowl Georgia vs Oklahoma I say Georgia wins 45-42,The Cotton Bowl Ohio St. vs USC Ohio St. wins 35-34, The Fiesta Bowl Penn St. vs Washington I say Penn St. wins 28-21,The Orange Bowl Wisconsin vs Miami (FL) Wisconsin wins 31-23,and the Peach Bowl Auburn vs UCF I think Auburn will win 30-24.




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