The Ranker is Better Than ESPN — Feb 16 update

I’ve thought highly of The Ranker’s NCAA Basketball picks against the spread, and I’ve been itching to compare they’re accuracy against the predictions from other computer models.

I’m not the quickest draw when it comes to scraping the web for data, but I’ve begun comparing The Ranker’s predictions with those from ESPN’s BPI predictions.

I can only compare the picks for games that The Ranker made picks for.  I’m comparing all of The Ranker’s picks, as well as the subset of her picks that she was most confident about.

So far, The Ranker has done as well or better than ESPN’s BPI at picking against the spread on 9 out of 14 days.  Good job, Ranker!

All Games     High-Confidence Games
  Number Correct Out of     Number Correct Out of
Total 234 253 484 Total 41 46 77
% Correct 48% 52% % Correct 53% 60%


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