Picks 2-16-2017

I have identified several conditions that when they are met, The Ranker’s picks are significantly more accurate.  Here are today’s picks that The Ranker has most confidence in:

  • Charleston +1 (@ Hofstra)
  • Northern Kentucky Pick (@ Cleveland State)
  • Gonzaga -21.5 (vs San Francisco)
  • UC Davis +3.5 (@ Long Beach State)
  • UC Riverside Pick (vs Cal St. Fullerton)

Also, I’ve just noticed that there are certain teams whose games The Ranker picks especially well (at least 70% correctly).  Five of those teams play tonight.  The teams for which The Ranker has an uncanny sense for are in bold:

  • Texas A&M +3.5 (@ Vanderbilt)
  • Wright State -5 (@ Youngstown State)
  • Gonzaga -21.5 (vs San Francisco)
  • Northern Colorado +13 (@ Weber State)
  • Hawaii -5.5 (@ UC Santa Barbara)

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